Redexim Aeration Machines

One of the challenges that face the turf care professional is the battle against compaction. We hear so much these days about compaction and its associated problems that it is important for our users to understand precisely what is meant by compaction, how it affects our turf and what can be done to alleviate it.

First of all let us identify the problem. Plants have certain basic requirements if they are to thrive; food, water, warmth and light are all obvious and readily spring to mind. In addition to this they require the right growing medium. This is usually described as rootzone; the rootzone should be open and contain a high proportion of air as healthy plants require oxygen within the root zone. These air gaps and pockets provide the pathways through which both water and air can easily move around and be stored. In addition this assists both drainage and irrigation.

It is also through these cavities that the plant develops and extends its root system. Compaction exists within the soil when it has been forced together; causing the air gaps and pockets to close. When compaction develops, the micro-environment within the soil begins to go into decline causing anaerobic conditions to develop within the soil.

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